Visitor Attractions

Diversifying into leisure and tourism

Davies & Co’s team of Chartered Surveyors offer specialist advice to farmers and landowners about diversifying part or all of their land / estate to other uses. Perhaps the most profitable and popular option is diversification into leisure and tourism attractions.

We can provide in-depth professional advice and professional services tailored to the needs of farmers and landowners. Our rural diversification experts have experience of all types of visitor attraction and can advise on a wide range of planning-related issues for new buildings, change of use, conversions, new land uses, temporary planning and business rates.

Tourism planning services

Davies & Co can offer the following services:

Davies & Co’s services include the preparation of visuals for buildings, attraction features, and the preparation of maps and plans.

It is important to develop a strong rapport with local tourism officers and other specialists to support your project. We can assist with cultivating these relationships as well as researching what local competition might exist for your chosen rural diversification project.


Planning your visitor attraction

If you are planning to develop a visitor attraction, various aspects must be considered. What will visitors want from your new venue? What facilities already exist in the area? Do these meet both local and national requirements in terms of education strategies for learning outside the classroom? Will your venue provide the right form of entertainment, value for money and benefits to the community?

We can help with the preparation of all the necessary documents for your planning application, including planning statement, structural survey, topographical survey, visual impact assessment and design and access statement. Once your new attraction is up and running, we can also offer specialist advice on business rates and appeals, ensuring maximum return on your new investment.

Visitor Attraction Planning

Vistior Attraction Planning